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It’s been a long time since his successful debut A Mind of My Own, Pez is back writing and in the process of recording a new album.  He’s been doing some soul searching – and it looks like he’s found what he was looking for – “I’ve really had to evaluate everything – why I was making music, and who I was making music for. I guess it’s becoming a bit more of a personal album… Like a journey of re-discovery.”

Following the overwhelming success of The Festival Song (which peaked at #14 on the ARIA Australian Singles chart, #1 on the AIR singles chart and hit #7 on the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2008), and facing the commercial expectations of any record he followed it with, Pez found unexpected pressure to deliver music that wasn’t true to his roots. “It was just a weird thing. I felt success with a huge song, but then I started to resent it for a little while.”

Touring took hold, and Pez saw himself playing to huge crowds – from the 8,000 at Pyramid Rock in 2009 that featured in his Festival Song video, to the Bliss n Eso tour where they saw 10,000+ punters over 2 days in Melbourne’s Festival Hall.

However, it was a small show at Melbourne’s HiFi Bar after a long absence that was a turning point for Pez – playing with his old friend 360. Pez wanted to make an album for himself this time around – and to hell with the expectations surrounding a follow up record. And as such, this isn’t going to be an album of Festival Song, mark II. “I want to evolve my sound. I think people who connected with my first album will connect with this even more so – I never wanted to feel like I was on autopilot, doing the same thing. I wanted to push myself a bit.”

And push himself he did – his most recent single The Game is produced entirely by Pez himself. “It’s the first song that I’ve ever produced from start to finish (instead of getting a beat from a producer and then building things from there), so it was pretty exciting to see something come to life from just an idea in my head. However it was a lot more time consuming! So I’m not sure I’ll be in a hurry to do it again (laughs).”

“The Game is basically about the idea that all of the superficial things in life will bring happiness, and our society’s obsession with that illusion. So I guess it’s loosely about my journey to let go of all of that and look for something real.”

I appears Pez has a couple of tricks up his sleeve this time around, and it’s fair to say that the brand new album may contain even more of these unexpected surprises: “There will be a few other collaborations on the album that I’m working on and a few I want to happen… but you’ll have to wait and see…”


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